LIQUID RITUALS – nachhaltiges Tanztheater

“Your future is our now!” is a response of many climate activists of color to the predominately white fridays for future movement. In our work we want to explore aestehetic positions on  sustainability from a diverse perspective. Our starting point is the daily use of water, it’s meaning, importance, access and what it tells us about culture and politics globally. How do we wash our hands? How do we take a shower in the morning? Do we all have running water from the tab? Is there enough water for everyone on this planet? Is water and sanitary facilities a human right? Why do we bottle water?  

Concept and directing: Ulrike Düregger & Compagnie
Artists: Alwine Klooz, Jota Ramos, Ana Kavalis, Mira Sanjana Sharma, Jared Ethan Blake, Matteus Tesson, Aaron Abu Toboul.
Kamera: Oumou Aidara, Compagnie.
Video: Aline Amélie Bonvin.

Performance: Dienstag, 7. Dezmeber, 20.00 Uhr, Oyoun

A project by Total Plural e.V. , Afro-Deutsche Ateliers, funded by FEB – Förderprogramm Entwicklungspolitische Bildung / Engagement Global – Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen + Arbeitsstipendium der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa